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November 25, 2014

George Washington + Colette.

Enchanted by the view of Mr. Hamilton's house out our windows (especially on early foggy mornings). The other day Colette informed me Alexander Hamilton was friends with George Washington and John Adams - pretty impressive. She saunters across the street to have "George" - the guard - turn on "the movie" about every other day, holding Claire's hand of course. They sit and she learns about feuds between the founding fathers and George Washington and pens with feathers. I wonder what she thinks about the duel.


Chrystine Reynolds said...

She's definitely a kick. (I don't think the apple fell far from either tree!)

How goes the recovery?

Chrystine Reynolds said...

Just had a thought, looking up through the bottom of the bird cage could be dangerous to your health! (Aren't I glad that cows don't fly!)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your posts, but found your use of the word "squaw" unfortunate along with posting a picture of your child in a headdress during the week of Thanksgiving. Sometimes it seems like you want to borrow symbols or traditions from other groups (such as getting married in a black church) without engaging with them in genuine ways.

Emilie said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. I don't think we get "called out" often enough and it is good to hear ways I am not necessarily being genuine, sensitive or forthright. Fair point - I took down the picture (it was a flippant and insensitive reference) and I will certainly try to be more thoughtful in a broader sense.

I read this article (below) - seems so obvious and it wasn't. Featuring Colette dressing up in a headdress seemed very innocent. Glad you pointed this out.


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