September 19, 2014

L'église du Vieil Baugé.

There is Baugé and there is Vieil Baugé. The newer one has a château that dates to the 15th century, so I guess Vieil Baugé must be really old. My niece, Louise, and I went for a walk and found the old church with the twisted steeple and, for the first time, went inside. The walls were frosted with coats of time. The place felt heavy. It was really beautiful.

The walk there was also memorable. The sky was bursting while Louise and I walked along talking about her new adventure of lycée (high school), intense French exams and the problem of superficiality in high school kids. She is a French teenager, much wiser and more articulate than her age. We stopped to notice climbing vines and small châteaux and the sky.


Unknown said...

Love that twisted steeple! Makes me think of what my own visual of the sorting hat would have looked like in the Harry Potter books, had I been able to design it.

Marnie said...

Beautiful photos. Thankyou :)

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