July 11, 2014

More from a great time at the end of Cape Cod.

Such a good spot to soak up lovely people.

Marguerite's twirls (the billow of that skirt would make me proud too).

Bare feet on a cool garden path.

Shreds of garden.

Arrivals from the ferry.

Bold greens, picked by an 8-year old.

Chris' pies (he packed them in) - beauties of precise, carefully milled perfectionism.

Romy looking like a grown-up human baby.

And perfect in this room.

Yoga poses with John in the morning and with everyone on the breakwater rocks.

Painting - sisters. Marguerite opened shop in front of John's house and sold some of her work - earning enough to buy a serious art kit to reinfuse value in her operation. Impressive. Colette sang along.

Marc lazing about.

Sleeping babes.


Rosie said...

What a heavenly holiday! Love the photos but the people even more!

PeregrineBlue said...

oh that photo of margherite! and colette such a character alwats and little romy beaming with the love that she is surrounded by. i must ask you for an address to send them some gifts i have been saving up over time. email me if you can. i

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