April 10, 2013

Shedding a fur coat.

I became a 'gardener' at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park (please do go: entrance at the Vanderbilt Gate, on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets). Well, I am not actually a gardener, just a contributor, but for my contribution they give me live updates on blooms. Out of any information in the city, I want to know about blooms. I ride my bike to work through the park most days now and monitor blooming, but I also like to dream from my desk of the florets hatching out there. Just look at that fancy lady shedding her fur coat above.

Colette likes blooms too. She has learned to see flowers, pet them gently and lean down to scrunch up her nose and pretend to smell. I don't know if there is aroma entering or not. Doubtful. But very cute enactment.

She is telling herself and passersby a whole lot of stories these days. Wistful tales of dogs and trees and what she thinks about her place among them - hers hands pantomime all the action. This one is a real social creature - she literally lights up and reaches out for people if they come near during her performances.


Jill said...

I wonder where she gets that social nature from?

D1Warbler said...


She also couldn't look more like you if she tried!

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