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February 11, 2013

Eating snow.

Xavier was in France this weekend with Mademoiselle Marguerite, so Colette and I hunkered down in New York for the mega snow storm (it was kind of anticlimactic, I mean, it was snow). The result was beauty out of every window though.

When we saw this scene of the hill and the kids out the front window, Colette leaned and pressed her nose up against the glass, emitting little shrieks. We ran outside to go join them - or at least just watch them. Colette kept kicking her legs in the carrier and squealing and, of course, waving frantically at all of them. They were big kids, though, and they didn't notice her. Poor baby. She even tried blowing kisses at some point (her newest trick). We moved on to eating snow, which hypnotized her. She could not get enough. (Am I poisoning her with big city acid rain snow? I kept wondering to myself and trying to recall more from my 6th grade primer on saving the planet and the dangers of acid rain and then multiplying the dangers of what I did recall by ten because of surefire augmented levels of pollution. But I still kept feeding her the snow).

When we went back inside, Colette decided to empty the contents of all drawers at her level.

...and then she took simulated sleep breaks (eyes wide open) on the piles of removed clothing. Pretty exciting day.


Bella Mills said...

Ahh I love how you kept feeding her snow. Your photos (as always) are beautiful. Thank you for sharing Nemo (Shark Bait Oh Ha Ha!) and don't worry about polluted snow. I've read a few blogs from Mamas in the States (I'm in sunny, Summery Australia) who feed their babes snow and they're all fine :)
Bella @ sea and salt xx

Aralena said...

Colette sounds like so much fun!

gaminette said...

Since she emptied the contents of your dresser and not the contents of her stomach, I'm sure La Petite will be fine for eating snow. It'll probably toughen her up! :D

Amber Larson said...

Look at that face while she's digging in the drawer: all business. I love it!

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