November 11, 2012

Huckleberry friends.

Two of my dearest friends got married this weekend:Meredith and Jordan. Last night they had a party (at a superb pizza place in Brooklyn - must go: Roberta's) in celebration.

Stephen and I gave a toast at the event and in writing it (writing a toast is a tricky thing because you want the toast to be about the couple, not you, but everything is relational, so getting the balance is hard) I realized just how loyal and devoted these friends are. We've known Meredith 10 years and our relationship has traversed so much ground - from Brigham Young as undergraduates to living together (with Stephen) in Hell's Kitchen in a tiny apartment that included mice, bunk beds and Alice-in-Wonderland slanted floors. Meredith is exceptional - she is doing a post-doc in film at Brown at the moment and is (everyone was in complete concurrence last night) the funniest person we all know. In our toast, Stephen cited the example of a game we like to play at Whole Foods at Columbus Circle: sitting in a position to gaze up at the people descending on the elevators - assessing them all and christening them. Meredith always did it best: beautiful Japanese woman was a short phrase from Meredith: "Broke up the Beatles." Her humor is always leaps and bounds ahead of everyone.

Jordan and Meredith are perfect rapport. Jordan is calm and peaceful - confident. Her self-assuredness has made is so easy to love her and become close over the past 5 years. Jordan has a really special place in my heart because when Colette was born I was so raw - so raw that when friends visited it often felt like their words left dents in my skin. But not Jordan (and not Meredith). Jordan's peace flows with her. Her and Meredith's relationship with Colette and with Marguerite has been so gratifying and generous. Last night's celebration was such affirmation of these two - their many deep friendships and their own relationship.

Colette was the only baby in attendance. She was pretty sweet, yelling out in her low, guttural tones at all the right moments (where did she get that voice?!). Good thing those girls love her.

I love how Colette's expression in this photo is, "who is this lady?"


Jill said...

Congratulations to Jordan and Meredith! You really hit the nail on the head about both of them in you post. Love those two! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with them.

Maria Petrova said...

ooooooooh.... married...... Congrats dear souls! What beautiful news!

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