September 23, 2012

North Woods.

There is a big swimming pool on the northern end of Central Park. Colette and I were curious the other day about its waterless concrete careens. I took us down a stairway I thought might lead to the entrance, but instead we found a massive stone archway and a forest path that led us to the Adirondacks. Or at least that was the feeling we got. It is the North Woods in Central Park, full of streams and waterfalls and sloping wooded footpaths and only a few other people.


Anonymous said...

That area is the only space in Central Park where you can see no Manhattan Buildings. It's famous for that.

Summertime's Lasker Pool morphs into Lasker Ice Skating Rink in the Wintertime. It's wonderful. I've skated there many a bright, crispy, chilly winter afternoon. When I started going there in the '80's you could skate there all day for $2-Not so today. The rink is one of NYC's best kept secrets - no more waiting in line at Wollman Rink.

There is the Harlem Skating Club (I think) that's based out of Lasker Rink. Weekends there are SO busy! Be sure to take a look this winter!

Rosie said...

It feels like the "secret garden"! So beautiful in the heart of the city!

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