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January 29, 2012

Je me sens obligée de faire ma maline.

The beauty expert. J'adore. No, I generally do not ingest Allure or other such intercommunication; however, this month's issue is special. The first reason is that a photograph I took is there. Granted, it is a small photograph - a credit photograph of the real photographer: Chris Melton, the real reason this issue makes my headlines. Chris (one of my very best friends) shot a story for Allure this month and that is worth promulgation. His photographs are clearly galactic.

(This is a photo I took while hanging out with Chris in Provincetown this summer).

And now the really impressive part:

Bravo, Christopher Melton. Here is to the start of a substantive, celebrated and brilliant career...

And, ladies, remember: seduction starts now.

1 comment:

Maria Petrova said...

Proud of you, Chris. Work the cans, baby!

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