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December 12, 2011

Rio: Visit Santa Teresa.

We loved this neighborhood. It is in central Rio and houses a lot of the colonial architecture of the city, which has fallen into very stylish shambles and havoc. Romantic aesthetic, with houses like this one falling apart and you walk past wondering how and hoping no one ever actually makes it pristine ever again, it looks so good in its current state.

A great little area of the city with shops, chroma, fascinations, restaurants and magnetism.

This building is actually one of the ministries of culture and as we walked toward it, samba music was gushing from the windows. Dancing lessons. Xavier remarked that these Brazilians care more about dancing and music than renovation. I think we can safely say that they would readily agree with his statement.


Rosie said...

Charming! Such an array of color . . . great photography. Be safe! Have fun! Come home for Christmas!
Love you so

alison said...

Greg and I have loved seeing your pictures of Rio. We were there four years ago, and went the the botanical gardens, too. Your pictures are a bit more impressive than ours. So fun to see. Makes me miss Brasil. Dean would tell you to eat some acai. Tchao!

Kevin Moves said...

That's one colorful restroom. I bet it's never boring there!

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