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May 12, 2010

A new goal:

...to get the wind knocked out of me. Naturally. Not like beaten out of me, but for it to occur as a result of an activity I'm doing (falling hard off a swing - something to that effect).

I posed the question to a co-worker yesterday (When was the last time you got the wind knocked out of you?) and we both agreed it had been far too long. Remember the feeling? Total panic, suspended pain, gaping eyes. Talking about it made me feel wistful, almost apologetic that my current life does not often include fertile opportunities for such a thing. I love how physically turbulent childhood is/was. Hmm...

And on the recommendation of a certain bodyguard extraordinare that we know, if you do get the wind knocked out of you, bend over foward. When you straighten back up, you'll be better rigged to breathe.


Highwaisted said...

i was like 8. camping with the fam. my brother thought it would be funny if he jumped off of the see saw mid way. i flew up in the air and landed on the chest first onto the seat. i"ll never forget it.

D1Warbler said...

Good to know the cure. Hope I don't have the phenomenon happen anytime soon.

Thomas Hardy said...

Most recently , I think 1994, I ran downstairs to log onto my computer, slipped on a step (obviously went heels over head) and landed onto my left side. It took several minutes to recover. However my bruised/cracked ribs lasted a long time.

Worse part is that I had to go to work the next day and I had JUST started the job ... so no calling out sick.

Mother's Day said...

If you're speaking in metaphors, I love it!

alpal said...

i may be alone in this, but i hope you are speaking quite literally. it sounds like a smashing goal--pun intended (naturally).

please do keep us all updated on your progress. seeking windlessness will most definitely yield some great experiments and better stories.

how would your zoo animal gym friends feel about belly flops in the communal watering hole?

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