April 17, 2010

April, Clarisse, Scooter.

In the morning, now that it is beautiful, we've changed our route. Enter Central Park on 72nd ----> across the park -----> south through the zoo ----> and onward on the other side. 30 minute walk. The park, as I've recently brandished, breaks my heart every morning - the blossoms make it want to spurt. Equally irresistable are the sea lions. Yes, the sea lions. As you walk through the zoo grounds, their outdoor pool is on the direct path.

One day, we were lucky enough to walk past them at exactly 8:30 am. At exactly this hour (and other disciplined junctures like it) a certain magical clock chimes. It is the famous Delacorte Music Clock, which features a merry-go-round of sculpted animals carouseling: a hippo playing a violin, monkeys, goats and bears - all strumming in the band. Their ditties include: I Had a Little Nut Tree, Old King Cole, Three Blind Mice, Frère Jacque, Au Clair de la Lune and Hickory, Dickory Dock.

As Frère Jacque tintinnabulated in the air, I looked over at the sea lions and gasped. There they were, their enormous hides settled on the large rocks of their pen, like giant hunky slugs. They were swaying to the tune. Their noses would point to the north and then to the south in time. It was almost like they were closing their eyes, sipping slowly the treasured portion of their day - the part with the music.


D1Warbler said...

What a word picture you have made of such a magic sight. (And some people think that animals have no souls -- silly, silly folks!

Emilie said...

I thought exactly the same thing, Chrys.

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