February 24, 2010

Museum of Natural History.

Marguerite and I decided today would be a perfect day (wet and rainy) for a few antics in a museum. We like this sort of thing. Dinosaurs & planets. Gazelles & Phyla. Flips.

Duly, pterodactyls were flying overhead.

The basement of the museum made me think of a recent story in the New Yorker by David Owen about rooting out the smells of childhood again. He writes about his smell-quest that led him to a museum where an ectype of a childhood smell still lingered in his mind, but was nowhere to be found in the museum. After he left the museum and his search behind, the smell, even in his mind, was gone forever. I think it is now hiding in the basement of the Museum of Natural History on 81st Street in Manhattan.

Jolina came with us to the museum (she is featured in Marguerite's arms above). Marguerite channels through Jolina.

"My baby does not take naps anymore."

"My baby was very naughty this morning and I told her to go in her room until she wanted to be nice."

"My baby is scared of the biggest dinausaurs."

"My baby never grows."

"My baby's legs are tired of walking."

"My baby always eats in restaurants."

"My baby speaks English very well.
" (This is all, of course, in French).


Ash said...

I absolutely love it there. And I get what you said about the childhood smells... Ah. I wish I had time to go there more often..every time I go I find something I've missed previously. And what's great about it is, you can go even if you're on a tight budget.
Marguerite is also probably the cutest thing ever.

TSL said...

I love your photos, I love the wonderful day you had, I miss that with my children. I love the things Marguerite had to say about her baby, what a perfect day of love.

Melanie said...

That sound like you had so much fun together. Marguerite you are so cute. I love and miss you all so much and I am excited to see you soon!
Aunt Mels

Yuri said...

I love you pictures.

Jill said...

Nothing like a good toy to help a kid tell the world how they feel. Yeah for Jolina!

Jonathan is often wondering how Marguerite is doing. I'll show him this post. He'll be so happy.

Unknown said...

nice depth of field on those chicken photos...

Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing me toward that New Yorker article. My subscription keeps piling up and I never seem to have the time to read a whole issue. The subject of that article, the smells of childhood, has been forefront in my mind for a couple of weeks now. Specifically, the memory of the smell of my childhood best friend's house; a mixture of cleaning products and food smells that I always found so comforting. I've been trying to remember the elements of that smell for days now but fear I've lost it forever. So, now, I'm looking forward to reading that David Owen piece and will make time to do so tonight.

...I don't often visit your blog but when I do I end up spending a lot of time catching up with your posts. You take beautiful photographs and I think our worldviews might be simpatico. Best wishes to you and your New York adventure!

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