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November 2, 2009

The Seal.

Before I move on, I must show you this.

Stephen took this video while we were in Provincetown on the Cape this weekend. We were gandering on the beach and Xavier announced that what appeared to be a log up ahead was no such thing. A seal, rather. So we ran and ran and interrupted its solitary moment of beach lounging. We felt sort of bad about that, but mostly really excited about witnessing such a thing so close. Stephen remarked that it was a very modern moment in time because he was more concerned about capturing the seal on his camera than actually watching the thing move or experiencing it right there. (N'est-ce pas, Benjamin). Well, praise modernity for the very fact that now this little guy can be distributed to so many who were not on the beach yesterday.


Anonymous said...


D1Warbler said...

I'd never thought about the fact that when we take pictures or videos we are actually more interested in what is inside our view finder than what is really there outside of it! Great insight!

Tell Stephen "Hi" for Jim and I, and welcome home to the States!

Rebekah V. said...

I love the animal noises that the humans are making while they watch the animal. That is what wonder sounds like. I also love that you will probably never read this because this is an older post.

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