April 8, 2009

Dance Party

First of all, did you know that the Eiffel Tower practically has curly cues?

It is such a phallic structure, I had never noticed its feminine forms.

While Jill and Alisa were here, we, of course, hung around those parts and while hanging around, we experienced an exceptional performance. The performer even caught the attention (and the smiles and the cell phone recordings) of these two military men who guard the Eiffel Tower with their machine guns (thank goodness). They took a moment from their rigorous duties to admire him.


Jill said...

I can't believe I was there with you when you took these pictures and video. I've been reading your blog and dreaming for so long. Thanks for helping to make those dreams come true. You're amazing and I love you! What good times we had!

P.S. Pretty sure I'm not going to be able to give my chocolate eggs to the people they were intended for. I might have to keep it myself. Eat your heart out Cadbury!

Aralena said...

These are sprained ankle rehab moves. I know this because JB does this and the grapevine every night (minus the arm moves, unfortunately), much to my delight.

Mels said...

I didn;t know that about the effeil tower! that is so cool. Thanks for teaching us something and I am glad you all had fun. Love you

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