February 5, 2008

Joyce Nally

My older sister Julie just had a baby. This is not just any baby - look at her. She is absolutely glorious and so miniscule. She is 5 pounds - born a month early. She was born a month early in Julie's living room (an intended event). You see, my sister is one of those rare people who entirely and beautifully opts out of very normalized and, often times, unquestioned societal routines. It was a strange thing to hear the tiny, wailing cry of Joyce coming out of my cell phone. I felt connected to her - like she wanted me to lick her little fingers or bite her legs already. This is where France becomes a really far away place.


Julie said...

Emilie - Thanks for featuring Joyce on your blog. You've done her more internet justice than we have. As we read this entry together, we laughed, and cried, and now want you to know that Joyce would love to have her fingers licked and legs lovingly bitten.

Love Julie, John, Joyce

Jessa Smith said...

I cannot believe her beauty! She is adorable and I love the name. Congrats to you the new Auntie.

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